Luna Circles

Under the light of the full Moon we connect as a circle, tuning into grandmother Moon's Luna wisdom and the energies around us. You can expect to feel relaxed, receive beautiful messages, challenge yourself and go to your edges, connect to your inner world, your intuition, the circle as a whole and enjoy transformational Moon rituals, visualisation, astrology updates ✨ magick and more! All in a truly nourishing safe space.

You'll also receive a ritual kit filled with magickal items to support our rituals in the circle and build your very own sacred apothecary. This will include Loulabel Wellness products! 

 Circles held over the magick of Zoom  and in person and my Bristol studio;


Full Moon in Sagittarius (online) 7pm Tuesday 12/07/22

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 Full Moon in Sagittarius (in person ) 7pm Wednesday 13/07/22

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" Grounding, reassuring, intentional" Laura

"Held, invigorating, connecting" Nat

"Calm, positive, enthusiastic, magical" Felicity

"Lockdown lack of connection bought me to Lou’s lovely circles. I didn't know what to expect and was a little nervous at first. By nature, I'm not a very open person in new and group settings. I was surprised how able I was to share vulnerably and honestly though - this is totally to Lou's credit. She creates such a safe, non-judgemental and fun environment which she holds with gentle command and a big smile. 

Listening to everyone else in the group always affirms how connected we really are to others. And that, even if it feels like we are, we're never alone in our feelings. Lou's circles are a great comfort - like a big hug 🙂I'm always so excited for the ritual part of the circle! Sowing physical seeds with intention and burning crazy fire paper are things I would never normally do but absolutely loved. 
It's clear that Lou thoughtfully crafts her circles with such love and unique creativity- each circle comes with a wonderful box of delights that are such a treat to unwrap. The hand-picked card is a lovely touch. 
I will definitely be back for more as they provide the connection I craved! Thank you x" Ella

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please get in touch. 

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