Reiki! What is it? Why would I, as a florist, desire to study it?

Recently I studied Reiki 1 with beautiful Trudi at Wild Samsara. It was pure magic! 

What is reiki + how does it work?

It’s a subtle energy work that works on the body mind + spirit. It works by the reiki practitioner channelling the energy from all around us to areas of the body where it’s needed.

Rei = universal lifeforce  Ki=  energy

Science tells us that everything is made from energy, EVERYTHING! Us humans, animals, plants, thoughts, feelings, EVERYTHING. The more dense energy are physical things the least dense are things we would call spiritual. Reiki uses this energy to balance, unblock + cleanse any stagnant or heavy energy in the body allowing your natural healing to occur. Which I think is gorgeous.

Why might I desire to study reiki as a florist?

It might seem strange for a florist to be so interested in practising reiki… I have lots of reason to explore this beautiful energy work! Reiki has cropped up in my life since I was 16. I suffered with anxiety pretty badly + somebody suggested that I gave it a whirl- nothing major happened but it was very relaxing. I’ve had various reiki sessions since then and have always been so intrigued by how it works. I started to develop my spiritual practises and really wanted to strengthen my intuition- I thought energy work was the way to go. Florist wise, I always cleanse + smudge my florals when they arrive in my studio to rid them of any old energy using my smudge sticks. I then set the intention of love, harmony + relaxation. Flowers bring such a high vibration to special events like weddings I love setting their intention + with reiki I will be able to imbue them with such high frequency energy you’ll be able to feel it ✨ How magical is that? 

If this sounds like how you’d like your wedding day to feel get in touch here. Reiki is a part of my spiritual + personal development, it’s teachings have helped me in so many ways which I deep dive into in my BLOOM mentoring 🌻 if you’re a florist + are looking to really step into your power NOW get in touch here.

Thanks for reading!


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