Top Tips + Ritual For Creating Mindful, Intentional Content And Sharing Your Soul Message.


How do you write you content + social media posts? Is it in a rush to get ‘something’ posted today because you’ve heard you have to post this many times a day at this time to beat the algorithm? Or you’re following a 5 step marketing guru’s plan? Or just thinking ‘I should be posting?

OR is it from a calm, tuned in place, from the heart with your message + purpose at its core? Intentional message sharing overcomes any algorithm or 5 step plan. Sitting quietly + focusing in on your message will bring forth much more value + impact in your posts.
They say your vibe attracts your tribe- they ain’t wrong! Your energy is the key to attracting your dream clients.

My Content Creation Ritual

I make sure I set aside a little quiet time where I know I wont be disturbed.I usually do this in the morning after my morning routine when I feel completely aligned + open.

I close my eyes taking a few deep cleansing breaths.

 Then ask myself- what am I called to share today? What value can I give?

I let this flow. Sometimes I am inundated with ideas- sometimes it’s just a trickle. All you need is a spark of an idea. If nothing shows up in this moment, I’ll go and do something else- walking in nature is  my go to inspiration sparker! 

From this calm + inspired space I create my content.

I love to write in my journal in a stream on consciousness not editing myself. 

Then I refine it down.

Only then do I write the blog, post on Instagram, plan the podcast etc!

Next time you go to post something on your socials or  create content take the time to go inward + ask yourself- what’s my soul message? What do I really desire to share? Let me know how it feels to take the time to tune in first.

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