How to care for your flowers 🌷

Here are my top tips for caring for your flowers and what to do when you receive flowers or pick up a bunch!

1. Unwrap  + strip the leaves.

Remove all the packaging and lay out your blooms. Strip all the leaves below the water line- when there are leaves in the water they get mouldy and create bacteria in the water. Bacteria is what kills off flowers!

2. Cut.

Cut an inch off the stems, be sure to use clean, sharp scissors and cut at a roughly 45 degree angle. Cutting at an angle gives a larger surface area for the flowers to drink.

3. Arrange.

Arrange your blooms into a fresh vase with clean water. *Design tip*  the flowers should be twice as tall as your vase. 1/3 vase, 2/3 flowers. 

4. Placement

The best place to pop your display is out of direct sunlight and draughts also avoiding radiators. 

5. Keep ‘em fresh 

Re cut the stems, clean the vase with a little spritz of bleach and refresh the water every other day (or when you remember!). This’ll keep them lasting for ages!

If you wanna learn more flower care and how to style your flowers come along to FLOWER CLUB! 🌸

 Monthly workshops on how to make fabulous creations from your store bought flowers! You bring along your selection of flowers and I provide all tools and any other materials we might need and teach you the skills to make pro level florals. We’ll learn which flowers work best, how to care for them. what’s great to add from the garden, foraging tips, design skillz and so much more. Plus we’ll have a laugh doing it!

Held on the first Tuesday of every month- sign up for all 6 to receive a free gift of professional florist scissors worth £30!

05/05/20 Spring vase bouquet- no more pint glass vases here!

02/06/20 Hand tied gift bouquet, beautifully wrapped up in eco friendly materials!

07/07/20 Flower crowns- festival season ready!

04/08/20 Summer vase bouquet- using all the summer blooms!

01/09/20 Eco friendly autumnal table centre arrangement-no floral foam!

06/10/20 Autumnal wreaths!

03/11/20 Autumnal hand tied gift wrapped bouquet- try a new style!

01/12/20 Christmas door wreaths!

To make it super easy and fun I’ll send you guide on suggested flowers for each workshop OR I can supply the flowers for you (aprox £20 per workshop).

There are delicious drinks and snacks available from Cafe Jackalope to keep you going. If you have any questions please contact me. Lou, at Xx

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find it helpful. 

Lou Xx

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