Foraging- Top Tips + Guidelines!

Foraging! I love it. Especially when the sun is shining!

It’s great for adding a little magic to a simple store bought bouquet to full on wedding designs. Here are my top tips, guidelines + rules for conscious foraging.

Rules + laws

It is legal to forage on public land in the UK. Check it’s not a nature reserve first! 

If it’s on private land you MUST ask permission before trimming a stem however tempted you might be!

Never pull a plant up by it’s roots + only take 1/3rd or less. If a bush has 9 blooms only take 3 max. By stripping a plant of all leaves + flowers or digging up the roots you are changing the bio diversity of the environment. 


Always use sharp scissors or secateurs when foraging, be kind to the stems.

Early in the morning is the best time for foraging.

Try to cut in a way that doesn’t change the shape + appearance of the plant too much- more of a pruning than a complete hacking down. I try to leave it so nobody would know I’ve been there!

Use everything you’ve foraged, cut minimally, create another arrangement, dry anything left over.

Conscious foraging

I like to silently thank the plant I’m cutting from, feeling grateful for their unique and special offerings. By connecting to the energy of the plants I’m foraging from it becomes an equal + respectful exchange. it ensures I never take too much + can really tune in to the earth around me. Plants do so much for us humans. I love to give thanks to them and foraging gives me the opportunity + dedicated time to do this!

Happy foraging! Xx

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