Eco floristry - my thoughts, tips + promise to myself!

I absolutely LOVE nature + planet earth. I feel very in tune with the seasons + cycles of the planet yet I work in an industry that isn’t so green. 

Floral foam is classed as a single use plastic, there are flower miles to consider, how flowers are grown, the packaging they arrive in- the waste! I could go on…

With the fires in the amazon, Iceland losing it’s first glacier + all the climate change disasters it’s really made me take a long hard look at my practises + what is holding me back from flowering beautiful events in a more planet friendly way. 

I have some eco friendly practises in place but I really could be doing more. I’m not going to shame myself or anybody else on this path to going green. My ponderings have led me to the conclusion that the main reason I am not a 100% eco florist is overwhelm. We have such a tight time frame as florists with our flowers arriving just a few short days before the events I often go for the easiest most effective + time saving option-if it’s going to give me a little extra precious time in bed when I’m working late into the night and up early again the next morning, I’m going to take it! 

I still want to create super fresh designs with ease without putting unnecessary pressure on myself AND be much much greener. So… what can I do about it? 

I’m going to do two things- Source absolutely everything possible from the incredible local and British suppliers and only then buy from the dutch market. There are so many benefits to this outside of reducing flower miles like supporting local small business + their families. If you want to source more local blooms Flowers From the Farm is a great website to connect you with flower growers near you. 

The second thing I’m going to do is invest in structures and items that will make going green easy + simple. I have quite a few I use already like footed bowls for table centres, wooden hoops + test tubes for floral chandeliers and chicken wire- lots of chicken wire! On my shopping list is funeral cones (long test tubes on sticks), caged jars to attached to my arch/moongate/ flower tower structure, reel wire to replace cable ties (eventually!). I’ll do a separate blog on my fav eco items when I’m organised. The basics for me are; chicken wire, moss, reel wire + test tubes! 

To keep myself accountable I’m going to be sharing my eco progress. You can follow along, ask questions and give tips over on the BLOOM mentoring community Facebook group. It’s a safe, supportive, sacred space for magical florists! Join now by clicking the link! 

Thank you for reading, wish me luck on my eco adventure! Xx

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