Daily practises + rituals

Today I got back in the pool! Wahoo! Usually this is an almost daily practise (week- daily anyway!) And man oh man did it feel good.

I’ve been skipping this practise recently for many reasons- having a cold, moontime, travelling, feeling too bust etc etc.I’m so glad I’ve come back to swimming in the morning, I’ve felt so zesty + happy all day! 

It’s got me thinking about my daily practises + rituals + just how powerful they are. When my vibe is right my world is right! I really noticed the difference when I lean into my practises. I’m so much more focused, inspired, + in tune with myself. And how I’ve been able to manifest the abundance, opportunities + soul clients I desire.

I’ve built a really strong morning ritual over years-it’s really ramped up in the last year!

My morning ritual

Wake up around 7am

Make a peppermint tea (usually still half asleep + trying NOT to check my phone, this is still a work in progress 😂) 

Quick smudge to cleanse + freshen the energy in the lounge (burning my Loulabel smudge sticks, the sacred smoke has an energetic cleansing effect + anti-microbial effect- buy yours here)

Meditation- Sitting on the sofa. Either using the headspace app These meditations wouldn’t be same without my White Witch Collective crystals.

Oracle card pull- I draw one card from my oracle deck ’Work Your Light Oracle‘ + ask for guidance on the day ahead. 

Journalling- I write at least a page each morning to get me in the right energy + flow. I’ll ask a question like ‘If I were already at my next level what would I do, feel + believe today?’ or write my desires as already done. Sometimes I write a page of what I’m grateful for-this always shifts my mood! 

Lastly,I swim or have a yoga sesh or walk on the beach. 

This might seem like a lot to get done in the morning + I suppose it is! I have the benefit of making my own hours + I’ve built these practises up over years. It all started with a 10 minute meditation in bed. It’s now non-negotiable for me. When I commit to my powerful morning rituals and really tune into my highest self + queen energy I’m fully focused on where I’m going + feel in alignment. I don’t waste my time doing useless things that aren’t driving me towards my purpose or goals. 

Start where you can + build your perfect ritual slowly. Pick the things that really work for you + get you excited for the day ,feeling powerful + so vibey you could just dance! 

If you want to hear my story + the importance of daily rituals take a listen to my interview on the wonderful + inspiring Kirsty Kianifard’s podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-wellness-entrepreneur-podcast/id1455716065#episodeGuid=f334d317a5874a91b48d1122860918fd

In my BLOOM mentoring 🌻 8 weeks of mentoring magic we deep dive into your rituals and the power of them + finding what really gets you revved up! Really committing to my daily rituals has been the single most important things I’ve done to expand Loulabel + make a real success of not only my biz but my whole life, I’m always tuning back in and taking the next aligned action- the Universe responds to clear intention + action! 

Find out more here and get in touch to book your spot on the next round! talkflowers@loulabelfloraldesign.com Xx

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